Teaching Children How To Draw One Line At A Time
          • Drawing Made Simple Step-By-Step Instructional Books
          • Step-By-Step Drawing Classes
          • Step-By-Step Multi-Medium Art Classes (Crafts, Sculpting and Painting)
          • Summer Art Camps
          • Adult Paint Parties
          • Birthday Parties
          • Interior and Exterior Mural Painting
Drawing Books Include:
  • Curriculum teaching children how to draw lines, geometric shapes, and objects.
  • 20 drawing lessons
  • Drawing exercises for developing fine motor skills.
  • Additional drawing pages
  • Drawing tips
  • Certificate of Completion
    Perfect for beginning artists!

Attention Educators!
  Drawing Made Simple helps children to build skills needed for common core standards!

The Drawing Made Simple curriculum challenges children in a fun and creative way. While learning how to draw, young children will also learn and develop in other areas such as hand-eye coordination, shape recognition, and word association with objects.  Children will find it easy to follow the step-by-step instructions, which lead them through each drawing one line at a time.  Author Lisa Davis DeMattei understands that every child is unique and believes that children should not feel rushed while learning, but follow along at their own comfortable pace.

After completing all of the exercises and drawings, students are rewarded with a hand written Letter of Congratulations and an authentic Certificate of Completion signed by the author.  The combination of simple instruction, drawing, and encouragement promote learning and development in children while building confidence and self-esteem.

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