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Author, Illustrator, and Early Childhood Educator

Lisa Davis DeMattei has a passion for teaching children how to draw.   Beginning her career in 1984 as an art director, Lisa was given an opportunity to volunteer at an elementary school and teach children how to draw.  This was the moment that she realized she had found her calling.  For over twenty-five years, Lisa has been sharing her drawing methods with children throughout the public school systems, libraries, YMCA Summer Camps, parks and recreational departments, Girl and Boy Scout Groups, churches, and home-school families.  These teaching opportunities have shown Miss Lisa the need for children’s art instruction and demonstrated the reward of accomplishment from learning how to draw.

Lisa’s drawing classes introduce children to a variety of subjects which promote learning and development in many areas.  The classroom comes to life as she combines art with education by teaching her students interesting facts about the subject they are learning how to draw. 

Lisa’s drawing books also allow students to learn in a unique way. Every page guides children step-by-step through each drawing which builds their confidence and self-esteem to go onto the next.  She believes that with the right tools, simple instruction, and opportunities to practice new skills; anyone can learn how to draw.  She encourages her students to not be afraid of making a mistake, but to enjoy the learning process as they draw each line.  This experience has allowed Lisa to develop her unique approach for teaching while bringing joy and a smile to thousands of children of all ages.

Lisa continues to travel and teach children throughout the U.S. when she is not working on publishing more drawing books.

Below is a newspaper article that ran in The Carbon Valley Consumer Report

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